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Bus Branding

Brand On The Move

bus backside advertisement

Bus Back Branding

Transform buses into moving billboards that demand attention.

bus advertisement in Chennai

Bus Side Sticker

Advertise your brand on the sides of buses for maximum visibility.

Bus Driver Seat Panel

Put your brand message right next to the driver, where it will be noticed

Bus driver seat advertisement

Bus Full Branding

Wrap buses entirely in your logo to create a mobile ad masterpiece.

Auto Branding

Auto Ad Revolution

Auto Full Top

Dominate attention with complete auto roof branding solutions.

Auto Sticker

Adorn autos with eye-catching stickers for impactful mobile advertising.

Auto Branding

“Drive your brand’s success with captivating and memorable auto branding solutions that leave a lasting impression on the road.”

Other advertising

Other Advertising

Make a Big Impression with Us

Unleash the full potential of your brand with Prananya Ads’ diverse range of services. From captivating hoarding advertising that commands attention to creative lampole displays that illuminate your brand’s message, we have the solutions to make your brand stand out. 


Hoarding advertising creates brand awareness, captures attention, and leaves a lasting impact on viewers.

Yes, newspaper inserts offer targeted advertising as you can choose specific newspapers and regions for distribution.

Cab branding turns taxis into moving billboards, exposing your brand to a diverse audience throughout the day.

Railway ads allow you to reach a large number of potential customers who are more likely to notice and engage with your brand message.

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